Hear Michael Speak on Your Issues:

Michael Wright

  • M.Ing. Ingenieria Civil (Civil Engineering) Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá
  • B.Asc. Environmental Systems Engineering, University of Regina
  • B.Ed. Secondary Mathematics, University of Regina
  • Teacher with Regina Public Schools
  • Single Father

"Concern over clean water and clean air led me to the environmental movement when I graduated high school. I was studying environmental engineering when I first ran for the Green party in 2003 at the request of former leader Victor Lau. The core principles of peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy resonated with me then and now. During my professional work as a public servant I have always applied evidence-based policy rooted in principles of inclusion. As your M.P., I would bring these ideas to Parliament. Help us make it happen. Sign up today

One of Michael's tweets was the subject of a question to Green Party Leader Annamie Paul during the press conference following the English Leader's Debate:

Michael en français: